Monday, February 11, 2008


Dudley Is Through Shopping For Franks Birthday Presents ...

When he was here last week, we went to Academy Sports and Outdoors and I bought him a Saltwater fishing shirt. I also bought him a Browning Broken Birds belted shell carrier. We bought him a new Browning BPS pump shotgun for graduation. We live just a few miles from the Fort Worth Trap and Skeet Club. He and his friends like to go shoot out there. He is not a member but can go as a guest as he has friends that are members and that work out there. This spring, one of the fraternities at A&M is having a shooting competition as a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He is planning on shooting to help raise money to try and help find a cure for his fathers disease. I got a good deal on the shell belt. I bought it on Ebay for a total of $19.00 and the shipping was free and I did not have to pay any tax. If I had bought this locally in a store it would have cost $40.00 or so. I buy a lot of stuff on Ebay. You can get some good deals that way. Also, given my disability it is a lot easier. Dudlelys daughter had an appointment today at the orthodontist at 2:00 PM. I had to call and cancel it because I figured out I have an appointment today at 2:00 PM at my pulmonologist. I have to go every six months and have a breathing function test done. I hate doing it because it wears me out. My lung function is somewhere around 38% of what it should be. No wonder I am tired all of the time. Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly lost 62% of your lung function. I enjoy going to see my doctor though. He is the one that was called in back in 1999 when I went into respiratory failure following surgery to repair a herniated diaphragm.

Nice presents for your son. I never got into skeet myself but I have watched others in the sport and they sure seem to enjoy it.
Hermit he shoots both trap and skeet. I think he prefers trap. I know I did when I was still able to shoot.

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