Sunday, February 24, 2008


Dudley And Wife Had An Exciting Day Yesterday ...

we both have been down with the flu. Dudleys wife wife went to the doctor yesterday morning. Dudley had gone to the bank and Dudleys daughter was with Dudleys sister. Dudleys son was in town and was at his grandmothers. Dudley had stopped and gotten a cheese burger when his cell phone rang.

It was Dudleys wife, she was at the doctors office and said they had just taken her blood pressure and it was so high, they were calling an ambulance to take her to the hospital. I told her I would call and round up the family and we would meet the ambulance at the hospital. Dudley called everyone and we all took off from different parts of town headed to the hospital.

We all arrived about the same time in three different vehicles. We went into the emergency room and inquired at the front desk and they said she had not been brought in and the ambulance had not called over the radio. Dudley started calling and Dudleys wife was not answering her cell phone and Dudley called the doctors office and got a recording saying they were closed.

After a good twenty minute wait, they finally said the ambulance had called and they were bringing her into the emergency room. After a while they finally let us go into the room and see her and she seemed normal but related her blood pressure had been really high. She had no symptoms what so ever.

She related it took the ambulance about one hour to arrive at the doctors office from the time they were called. So much for speedy service. She said they put her on the gurney and rolled her out through the waiting room in the doctors office. On the way out they crashed the gurney into the glass door, she said it is a wonder it did not break. The doctor at the ER gave her some medication and after a time her blood pressure came down back to normal.

She was on medication until a few years ago and then quit taking it because the doctor whom she liked quit taking her insurance and she had to change doctors. I think she has learned her lesson and will take her medicine from now on. I certainly hope she has anyway.

We both still feel like crap from the flu. Dudley is taking his wife to the doctor in the morning. Maybe they will do something about her sore throat.

Scary! I'm glad everything turned out all right.
Well, that was a pretty unpleasant experience.
I am sure your blood pressure went up too. Take care of one another.
Thanks Terri

Wasn't pleasant at all Hermit

Nickle I am sure your are right about the blood pressure

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