Thursday, February 21, 2008


Dudley And Wife Are Both Sick Today ...

I don't think we have the flu like Frank did but we have some kind of virus or upper respiratory infection. We both feel like crap and may have caught something from Dudleys daughter as she is just getting over some kind of crud. We have not been throwing up and running the high fever that Frank had so I doubt we have the flu.

Dudleys wife and daughter took Frank back to A&M last Sunday. We have been checking in with him every few days and he seems to be doing ok. He is going to be coming home again Friday so it will be good to see him again. His birthday is next week, he will be 19. If only I could have known at age 19 what I know now at age 48. Damn but I have learned a lot in the last thirty years or so.

It has turned cold around here again. Should start warming up though. It will be close to 80 degrees one day and then the next day the high will not get out of the thirties. No wonder everyone is getting sick around here.

I got a letter from our Mortgage company today. I was afraid to open it as each year they refigure the projected balance in the escrow account and sometimes the news is not good and our house payments go up. Not this year though, our payments are going to decrease by about thirty dollars starting in April. That is not a lot but it sure beats the heck out of an increase.

Now if I could just get motivated enough to complete our tax return I would really feel like I was getting something done. A simplified tax system is starting to sound really good. I know it will never happen. Just think of all of those poor IRS agents that would put out of work.

I know what you mean about the damned house payments just went up a 100 bucks because my insurance went up...
Damn a $1200.00 annual insurance increase? That sucks, I guess being in Florida you are lucky to get insurance at all.

Spot on about the temperatures. up at the Bolt hHole last week the 7 AM temperatures were 0, 40, and 20 degrees F over the three days I was there. Toug to figure out what the heck to wear when there's a swing like that.

Love to see a 15% tax on every one. As it is the bottom 40% don't pay anything and have no reason to rein in government spending. When everyone has a stake in what the government spends then everyone wil see the need for the government to stop spending on foolish things.
I'm just glad I paid my house off a few years ago.
Joated, I am ready for it to get warm and stay warm and a flat tax across the board sure would make things easier for everyone.

BobG that is great that your house is paid off. Must be nice.

Hearing you guys talk makes me glad my house has been paid for the past five years. But I sure can complain about the taxes I have to pay on it once a year. To much I tell ya!
H2o property taxes are too high, no doubt about it.

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