Thursday, February 28, 2008


Dudley And Dudleys Wife Went Out And ...

did their civic duty today and voted early in the Primary Election. I think the photo above pretty well describes how a lot of people will feel when they cast their ballots in November in the Presidential Election given the poor choice of candidates.

I am glad I voted anyway, it always makes me feel better and then gives me the right to complain about it when our elected officials stick it to the citizens. I never could understand how some people that never vote feel they have the right to complain.

This is the first time I have ever taken advantage of the early voting option. Being disabled it makes it easier. I can still stand and walk for short distances but I can not stand up for an extended period of time due to the muscle weakness in my legs from the muscular dystrophy. One of these days I will probably have to start voting by mail. That is unless I can ever save up the money to buy a wheel chair lift for my truck so I can use my power wheel chair away from the house.

Before we voted we went by the bank drive through and went to eat at Sonic. Dudley sent a text message after voting and asked Dudleys daughter if she wanted us to bring her lunch. Of course she did so we went back by the Sonic and got her lunch and took it to her at school. Of course she would die if we suggested we go into the school cafeteria and eat lunch with her.

Back when she was in elementary school, we both enjoyed going and eating with our kids in the school cafeteria once or twice a year. Those days are long gone and have been since they went into middle school and it suddenly became very uncool for a kid to eat with their parent in the school cafeteria.

I think Dudleys wife is enjoying the time away from work, but she is getting tired already of sitting around the house "resting." She is taking her medication and checking her blood pressure three times a day.

We are anxious for her to go back to the doctor next week. We have a lot of questions we have thought to ask since her last visit.

When Dudleys daughter came out to the truck to get her lunch, I handed it to her with my right hand and at the same time stuck an "I Voted Early" sticker on her back. I wonder how long it took for her friends to see it and ask her about it?

You're a sneak... Sounds like something I would do to my daughter. So how long did it take her?
I don't know H2o, she would not tell me. She said she discovered it but I think I got her good, she just doesn't want to admit it.

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