Monday, February 25, 2008


Dudley And Dudleys Wife Got Up Early And Went ...

to the doctors office. We had to go sign in as a walk in, did not have an appointment. The waiting room was overflowing with sick people and kids. The flu has hit this area really hard recently.

I do not understand why people choose to take their small children to a family doctor instead of a pediatrician. Both our kids have always gone to a pediatrician and my soon to be 19 year old son still goes to one. I guess it is the parents choice for whatever reason but I can't say I think it is a wise one.

After a two hour wait, we finally got to go in and see the doctor. I have been going to this guy for close to ten years and like him. They took my wife's blood pressure and it is still way too high despite taking medication since Saturday. The doctor prescribed an additional medication and told her to obtain a blood pressure monitor and check it three times per day and if too high to take the second pill. She is going back in a week to follow up.

Dudleys wife seems to be getting over the flu faster than Dudley. Dudley has a bad cough and has developed a bad sinus infection so Dudley got a prescription for an antibiotic and a shot in the butt. We were both relieved to get out of there for sure.

We went by the drug store and dropped off our prescriptions and then went and got take out Mexican food. We went home and ate and rested a while, then Dudley drove Dudleys wife to Wally World Super Center and she went in and purchased a Blood Pressure Monitor. I was proud of her, she did not buy the least expensive one. She bought the mid priced unit and when we got home, Dudley hooked it up and read the instructions and she checked her BP. It was too high so she took the new pill. Hopefully it will go down, will check it again in just a few minutes.

Dudleys daughter did not have to go to school today. It was a teacher in service day. She enjoyed sleeping in and spent the afternoon with her best friend who is a cheer leader at their school. She will have to get up early and go to school again in the morning. Dudley and Dudleys wife can try to sleep late tomorrow. We may not have much luck, neither of us has been sleeping well at all since we came down with the flu. Dudley has trouble sleeping all of the time. I think it has probably been over twenty years since I really had a good nights sleep.

One good thing that has come from this is that Dudleys wife has finally agreed to go have a sleep study done. I have been trying to get her to go for years to have one. I think she has undiagnosed sleep apnea. Sleeping hooked up to a machine is not a lot of fun but I really think in my case anyway, the Bipap machine and oxygen concentrator is probably keeping me alive.

They say growing old is not for sissies, I think they are probably right on that count.

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I had rather take w whuppin' than go to a doctors office sick or not..because if I ain't sick I probably will be by the time I leave...the best place to catch something is in a damn waiting room.

I see a primary care doc now that specializes in us old least there are no sniffling youngins with colds there for me to catch the cold from.
You are right about that GuyK. I feel sorry for anyone in that waiting room that did not have the flu. They are sure to catch it now.

Hey, Dudley. Try Excedrin PM, take two of them when you get ready for bed. They'll put you to sleep, or at least, they work for me.
Thanks Hermit, I will give that a try.

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