Sunday, December 30, 2007


I Was Reading The Headlines And Have Come To The Conclusion ...

that the world or at least our part of it is full of idiots with no scruples what so ever. "Six Year Old Lies To Win Hannah Montana Tickets" and "Woman Arrested For Groping Santa" and "Parents Involved In Brawl At School Christmas Play" were some of the headlnes I read today.

At least the company took the tickets back to the concert. I don't blame the six year old. I blame her mother who said she did whatever it took to win. She also said she read over the contest rules and it did not say anything about having to be truthful. So I guess it is allright to lie and say your childs father was killed in Iraq when he really wasn't just for the chance to win some concert tickets. Is nothing sacred anymore? I wish the local district attorney would prosecute this woman for fraud but if the contest rules did not state the essay had to be the truth, the law probably was not broken.

Santa Clause was hard at work at the mall when a 33 year old woman got in line and sat in Santas lap and according to witnesses she groped Santa Clause in front of a bunch of small children. She has been charged with sexual assualt and disturbing the peace. What is this world coming to when Santa Clause is not even safe at the mall?

The last headline I read involved parents at an elementary school Christmas Pageant who got into a brawl when one child pushed another child up on the stage. I watched a video of the incident and what was probably a harmless incident escalated into a room full of parents pushing and shoving and acting like total idiots. I read three parents have been banned from the school following the incident.

I believe there are still a lot of good, honest, rational law abiding people in this country but from reading the headlines you would think this was not the case.

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