Sunday, December 23, 2007


I Have No Formal Training As An Art Critic ...

but I do know what I like and this ain't it. These lovely works of "art" were created by Houston artist Elaine Bradford. The first work is called "Locked Antlers" and the second "Sweatered Elk." I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think good taxidermy is in itself an art form. I guess you could say knitting a beautiful sweater could be considered art but in my humble opinion combining the two just is not right. My tastes in art lean towards a realistic painting of a majestic whitetail buck or a turkey gobbler or perhaps a leaping largemouth bass. Abstract and down right weird art just does not do it for me. Maybe I am weird. I don't know. Feel free to post comments and give me your feedback. Let me know if you think this is art. Oh and by the way. The first masterpiece is for sale for the meager sum of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, yes you heard that right and the second creation is for sale for a mere SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. If you bought one or both of these works of "art" and gave them to me, you know the first thing I would do? I would thank you of course and as soon as you left and were out of sight. I would grab a pocket knife and cut away all of that yarn. Then I would hang the critters up on my wall and enjoy them the way the taxidermist intended. But that is just what I would do.

I'd be ashamed to hang sumthin like that on my wall let alone admit I give $5000 bucks for it..
GuyK you got that right but you know there are a lot of people with more money than sense.

Looks like crap to me. Maybe she belongs to PETA.
She probably does H2o.


I am a member of PETA's sister organization People Eating Tasty Animals.
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