Thursday, December 27, 2007


I Got Up This Morning, Logged On To Dudleys Diary ...

and was glad to see my new widget now shows 7 different countries listed on my Neo Counter. Total visitors by country are United States 112, Spain 3, Egypt 2, Canada 1, India 1, Pakistan 1 and Taiwan 1. It shows a total of 121 visitors from 7 countries, how cool is that. One thing I do not quite understand is that the numbers on New Counter do not jive with the numbers on Sitemeter. The Neo Counter is showing a greater number of visitors to Dudleys Diary than Sitemeter is showing. Anybody got any idea why the discrepancy? Either way I think it will be fun to track the different countries that have visited my blog. I wish there was a similar widget to track visitors from each of the 50 United States. I know I will never make it to all of those foreign exotic places but it is good to know they are out there. Reminds me of a joke, someone asked a guy why he subscribed to Playboy magazine, he said the same reason I subscribe to National Geographic, to get a glimpse of all the wonderful exotic places I dream about but will probably never get to visit. I took down my blogs Christmas decorations last night. Just took a minute. Too bad the real decorations can't be taken down and stored that easily. More proof the virtual world is better than the real world I suppose. It is quiet around the Dudley domicile as Dudleys wife and daughter and son have gone to East TX to spend time with the in laws. I think they may come back tonight. Dudleys dog is scratching at the door, I better go let her in.

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