Thursday, December 27, 2007


Got Out And Did Some Errands Today ...

first I went to the bank and made a deposit and got a little cash back. When I opened up my envelope there were bills and no change, I looked at the deposit receipt and saw I was supposed to get .89 in change. I called the teller from the drive in and asked her if she did not short me .89 cents. She said cheerfully, I sure did and asked me to shoot the canister back to her. So I did and I got the .89 cents she had shortchanged me. I probably did her a favor, at the end of the day her station would have been over by .89 cents and she would have had to try and figure out where it came from. After the bank, I went across the street to the Sonic Drive In and ate a cheeseburger and drank a Sprite. Then it was off to the Post Office to mail out some Thank You notes. I then drove down the road and went to see my barber Richard. He is a great barber and knows how to cut my hair the way I like. When I moved back to Fort Worth, I had a hard time finding a barber that could cut my hair right on a consistent basis. I first tried a barbershop in the old neighborhood where I grew up but he was not that good and I got tired of listening to him bitch and moan and groan about everything in his world. Then I tried an old historic barber shop down on seventh street. I liked to go down there because they had a bunch of old photos on the wall showing that part of town in the big flood of 1949. When I first started going there I liked the fact they would give you a shave as part of a haircut with an old fashioned straight razor. I liked watching the barber sharpening the blade on the leather strop. Within a short time they quit and I asked the barber why and he said their Insurance Company refused to renew their policy if they continued the practice. I guess we can thank the lawyers for that. I quit going there because I got tired of the long waits as they had five barbers working at a time and the shop was always full of people. The barber I go to now has a one man shop and I usually do not have to wait long and he cuts hair better than any of the other barbers I tried. On the way home from the barber, I went and bought a Mega Millions and a Lottery ticket. Now I think I will go turn on the t.v. and take a nap.

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