Thursday, November 29, 2007


There Is Going To Be One Heck Of A Great Football Game ...

tonight between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. Both teams are 10 and 1 and Brett and Tony are going to be throwing the pigskin. Whichever team makes the best defensive plays should win. Ought to be a high scoring game, we shall see. From what I understand, most of the country will not be able to watch the game tonight. Only the people who live in the Dallas and Green Bay area or the few that are subscribed to the NFL pay per view channel get to watch this one. I looked on EBay to see what tickets are going for and was not really surprised to see that end zone seats were going for $400.00 each. You would not believe what the tickets to the Cowboys new stadium are going to cost. I saw on the news that season ticket holders will have to pay up to $50,000.00 just for the rights to purchase season tickets at a cost in excess of $300.00 per seat. I do plan on going to a game in the new stadium. Will have to save my money and probably sit in the end zone. As far as I am concerned my Cowboy Blue recliner is still the best seat in the house. I was afraid my son who is down at College Station would be in the blacked out area and not get to watch the game. He assured me they have every sports channel on the cable television system at his fraternity house and that they will be watching the game on their big screen t.v. That is a relief, I am glad to know the fraternity dues he is paying are being put to good use.

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