Saturday, November 24, 2007


It Rained All Day Today And It Is Cold Outside ...

it may snow and or sleet to the north and west of the DFW Metro Mess tonight. If it does, I will just stay inside. I don't venture out in show and ice any more. I used to love to go out and play in the snow and ice. Always liked driving on it. Most of the people around here don't know how to drive on snow and ice. Especially ice, people slip and slide all over the place. The wrecker companies and body shops love it. I spoke with my son today, he hunted yesterday evening and this morning in a pouring rain storm. He did not see any deer. It was still raining this evening and is supposed to rain in the morning so he went ahead and went back to College Station late this afternoon. He called me to let me know he made it safely. Dudleys wife and daughter made it back home tonight as well. The Dallas Mavericks lost again tonight. Coach Avery needs to light a fire under some of those players. No Cowboys tomorrow, will have to try and find another game to watch. They had an open house today at the house next door that was made over. It rained all day and I do not think they had many lookers. Maybe tomorrow it will quit raining long enough to generate some traffic.

Yea. I was gonna go to Dallas to a gun show till I got up and saw the rain and cold. Decided the bed was too cozy to get out of.
FHB Good choice, there will always be another gun show.

I lived in the frigid winters of Fairbanks Alaska and the snow and cold in Great Falls MOntana. I also spent over four years in germany where the winters were most snow and ice..but the coldest I can ever remember being was in North Texas and Oklahoma in the winter. The wind comes down from the north pole with nothing to block it but a bob wire fence and I think that fence has a hole in it!
GuyK I am with you, the coldest I have ever been was one night I camped out in a primative cabin in the Brazos River Bottom, it got down to seven degrees.

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