Thursday, November 29, 2007


I Have Been Putting It Off For Close To A Year ...

but I finally went to the lab and had another blood test this morning. I had a routine blood test done last year and I got the lab results back from the doctor and it said my blood sugar level was out of kilter as was my cholesterol. I hate getting blood drawn, I do not like needles being stuck into me. Probably why I do not have any tatoos. I have been told to let the people drawing the blood know that I am a "Vagler " which the best I can determine is medical terminology for "Wimp." It seems like every time I go to have blood work done, I get stuck with a trainee undergoing on the job training, OJT. Some times they have to stick me multiple times or send for reinforcements to get a good sample. Today I got lucky, the vampire was experienced and the test was quick and easy the way I like it. I guess I will hear from my doctor in a week or so. I hope it is not bad news. The doctor will probably tell me to change my diet and excercise more which is going to be hard to do. I am an extreemly picky eater, I like meat and potatos and absolutely detest any kind of green vegetables and most foods that are good for me.

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