Friday, October 26, 2007


I Would Like To Ask All Of My Regular Readers To Please ...

go by the blog Beating Cancer and read about this fine young man, Jake Cartwright who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. I do not know Jake personally but do know some of the people who are organizing a charity softball tournament on his behalf. He is a 2001 graduate of WHHS in Fort Worth which is the school my daughter goes to currently and my son graduated from last year.

From reading Jakes blog, I see that he is a young man of strong faith with wisdom and courage beyond his years. Please go by his blog and offer him some words of encouragement. Please remember him in your prayers and if you go to church, please add his name to the prayer list. I believe in the power of prayer and in miracles and have seen first hand that prayers can make a difference when it seems there is little hope.

My father in law became very ill about 14 years ago and was diagnosed with advanced Lymphoma. They opened him up to find a tumor in his abdomen the size of a football. It was inoperable and they closed him up and said they would try chemo but the doctors offered little hope. It was a long hard road and many times it seemed all hope was lost but there were many people praying for him and with his strong faith and the power of prayer and the help of his doctors, he is cancer free and recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

I know Jake and his family would appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement. May God bless Jake and his family. God bless us all.

I will definately say a prayer. One of my favorite coworkers was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer, a huge tumor they said was almost inoperable and the disease had spread. Everywhere. They gave him months. We all prayed a lot. Dan as much as anyone for his faith has always been real. He had surgery to remove the tumor to ease his breathing but no chemo and six months later went in for the final prognosis. There was no trace. The doctors were astounded saying they would call him completely cancer free but it was too soon to do that. He quit smoking and bloomed and was still, years later, my favorite coworker when I changed offices.
Thanks skywriter, miracles do happen. I am praying for a miracle for Jake.

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