Thursday, September 27, 2007


Would Not Have Wanted To Be A Passenger In This Car

Man, THAT has got to smart!

We have a horse and cattle farm down the road a bit with fences that aren't all that sturdy. Every once in a while there's a steer or a horse out on the other side of the fence (just for that greener grass, you know) and wandering the road. The road twists and turns in the area so you stay alert for just such a reason.

The truck and maybe even the Blazer would survive to some extent. My wife's Aveo...not likely.
Joated, thanks for stopping by. I used to live and work in rural East Texas and had to always be on the lookout for livestock in the road, and deer as well. Had a deer run into the passenger side door of my wife's camaro one night. I do not think it killed the deer, but I bet she had a bad headache. I have added Compass Points to my blog log. You and your wife sure do have a beautiful log home.

Guyk had this happen to him in Okla when he was a teenager. He said it was a shitty mess.
Holy crap...
nickel tell GuyK he needs to blog about that sometime. I have heard the story about the guy in the pickup hitting a bull with his left front fender and spinning it around and the bulls rear end hitting the drivers side door and filling up the cab of the truck with bull shit through an open window. Could be true, I don't know.

Ouch. Someone recently told me that if you hit a cow, you'll need a new car, but you'll be ok. But if you hit a horse, you're dead. Higher up, and roll over the cab and smash whoever's in it. Picture seems to confirm it.
At first I thought that was the driver; it matches the description of a lot of them I've seen...
bobg I have encountered quite a few horses asses my self on the hiways and bi ways!

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