Thursday, September 27, 2007


Went And Got Something To Eat And Picked Up ...

my daughter and her best friend Melissa at school. I usually take them over to Melissas house and drop them off and my wife picks her up on the way home from school or Melissas mother brings her home. Today they hit me with you need to take us out on North University Drive and drop us off at the tanning place. They are having a big Fall Formal Dance at her school this weekend. That means it is time for a new dress, new shoes, new purse, new hairdo, new manicure, you get the idea. I am sure the tanning place alone will cost $20.00, I could buy a can of orange spray paint for a lot less and probably get the same result. I just don't understand teenage girls or girls of any age for that matter. Might as well quit trying. It is an exercise in futility. Teenage boys on the other hand I understand just fine. I guess that is because I was one myself years ago. They are the main reason I worry so much about my teenage daughter these days. I know how teenage boys think. I remember it all too well. I wonder if they need any more chaperons at that dance?

My hubby says he will follow behind in his truck with a shotgun to make sure the boys won't touch his daughter.
Tell him I agree with him 100 percent. I have a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun hanging in a gun rack in the front room I bought for the same purpose.

I like that quip, the father to the daughter's date: "If you touch my daughter I won't mind..(slight pause)..going back to prison."
I have two daughters, I feel your pain.
You KNOW if you volunteer to chaperone your daughter will never forgive you, right? I'm just sayin...
As hot and sunny as it is in this state, why the hell would anyone go to as tanning salon? Bezarre.
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