Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This Is My 100th Post Since I Started Blogging ...

and it is about one of my favorite places to go in the great state of Texas. It is in central Texas in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This special place is called The Willow City Loop. It is just north of Fredericksburg. This is a scenic drive taking a big circular route over many miles of beautiful countryside. There are many spectacular vistas from hill tops as well as drives through many limestone creek low water crossings. If you go early in the morning or late in the evening you will see more whitetail deer than you can count. Any time of the year is a great time to take this drive but without a doubt the number one time is in the spring when the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes are in full bloom. It is better to go during the week, it gets pretty crowded on the weekends. On the way just before you get there, stop off at Rabke's and buy some of their beef jerky to enjoy on your drive and a cold drink. After going around the loop a time or two or three, go to Fredericksburg and enjoy the many fine places to eat, the many antique shops, ice cream shops, hot fudge shops, you get the idea. After you can't eat another bite, go to my favorite five and dime store, "Dooleys." It is as close to you can get to an old timey dime store today. There are some great places to stay in Fredericksburg or you can stay down the road in Kerrville.

beautiful country down there. We go to Enchanted Rock every year and camp out. Will be there in November. And congrats on the 100th post. You do a great job. Sorry I don't get over here more.
Yeah for you on the 100th post. You need to come to Kerrville the 1st weekend in May for the Blog meet.
Looks like a beautiful place!
FHB come by when you can.

H2o will see how things are going next May it is a possibility

Terri thanks for stopping by. Glad you got to see your son. He must really love his family to ride the big grey dog home for the weekend. I do not know when I will see my son again. I hope before Thanksgiving!

great pics and congratulations!
We plan on being at the blog meet in Kerrville next May too. Hope to see you there.

It is wonderful to be able to see all these people in person that you have been talking to. Try to come.
The flowers are just gorgeous! Will be flying over Texas in two weeks going to Santa Fe, NM. Will try to look down and see the beautiful flowers. :) I saw Fredericksburg and I will be going to Fredericksburg, VA in a month to see my 8th grandbaby. Did not know that they had a Fredericksburg, TX. Looks like a real neat place to visit. Oh, congrats on your 100th posts! Yay!
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