Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A Scene You Will Probably Never Get To See ...

This is the sunset at the
North Pole with the moon
at its closest point.

You also see the sun below
the moon. An amazing
photo, and not one
easily duplicated.

You may want to pass it
on to others.

The Chinese have a saying:

“When someone shares with
you something of value, you
have an obligation to share
it with others.”

I spent three years living a few miles from North Pole Alaska..a small community not far from Fairbanks. The Northern Lights and the beauty of the sun rising in the South East and setting in the South West and never getting much more daylight than a normal sun set helped to make up for sixty below zero weather that made stepping onto the front porch a survival situation
"sixty below zero" damn must be colder than a well diggers ass!

OL a well diggers ass would be frozen unles he had on a good set of parka pants and some wool long is COLD
That' a great picture.
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