Saturday, September 29, 2007


My Daughter And I Went To Eat At My Favorite ...

Bar B Que place tonight. Angelo's which I recently blogged about. I got really brave and let her drive me there in my pick up. She did real good, and didn't hit anything. She has been getting a lot of practice driving with her mother. I have not ridden with her driving recently but I think she is driving well enough now that we can survive the experience with out any major damage to our relationship. We had a good dinner. I had a Sliced Beef Sandwich and she had the Sliced Ham Sandwich. We ate our dinner in the big front room up by the bar and they had four different t.v.'s going at once with four different football games on. Speaking of football, the Aggie's won today, O.U. lost and Texas lost. Hopefully the Cowboys will win tomorrow. My wife just got home, she went to Dallas yesterday and spent the night over there. She and my daughter just left to go to the grocery store. It is a good thing, we are just about out of people food and are out of dog and cat food. I've got to go watch the Texas Rangers baseball game. There season ended months ago like it does every year. But I am a die hard fan. Will Tom Hicks ever learn that you can't win consistently without solid pitching?

Such a pretty girl! I love her red hair. It couldn't be because I have red hair myself???
Red heads are unique, no doubt about it.

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