Thursday, September 27, 2007


I Talked To My Son This Afternoon, It Is Always Great ...

to speak to him while he is away at college. He had just gotten out of canoeing class early due to a thunder storm and lightning. When I was in college, they did not have canoeing class, but I do remember taking Bass Fishing for one of my P.E. credits. I made an A, and could easily have taught the class. He said he is going to be up most of the night studying for a big history test. I wish this guy could go take the test for him. Would be an easy A for him I am sure. He said he and his fellow pledges had to take breakfast over to the fraternity house this morning at 5 AM. He said they got to do push ups while the brothers ate their breakfast. I reminded him he has to pay his dues and that if he could make it through years of football, he could certainly handle that. He said he has a tire going flat on his new truck. His truck is pretty fancy, it keeps track of his tire pressure and warns him when a tire is low. He took it to discount tire and they said the sidewall is damaged from a nail and he had to buy a new tire. He said he does not know how or when he ran over the nail. He was probably out 4 wheeling some where. I hope he does well on his test tomorrow. I am counting on him graduating someday, getting a high paying job and taking me on some great guided hunting and fishing trips. I have taken him on quite a few, and I figure he owes me.

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