Sunday, September 30, 2007


I Got Word Yesterday That My My Big Sister ...

is mad at me for not giving her proper credit for two of my recent posts "The Spoiled Under 30 Crowd, Listen Up" and "Why Dogs Bite People." I must confess I received both of these from her. My big sister and I have survived a lot of "life" the last 40 or 50 plus years. When I was little, I was unable to pronounce her given name "Loren", it came out "Oeee" and I called her that for several years. We have been known to fight like cats and dogs growing up sort of like my children have done. You know sibling rivalry and all that. Years ago, she came up with a nick name for me, "Macho Butt Head." I have always considered this high praise though, I am not sure that was her original intent. We now refer to her as Aunt Lo as she does love her niece and nephew. Thanks for the E mails Aunt Lo, keep em coming. Oh, and don't get too mad at me for posting your picture. Don't forget, there are a lot more where that one came from!

Comments: you are dead! Could you have found a more "flattering" pic of me. That has to be from those awkard pre-teen years. It's about time I got credit for stuff you are putting on your blog.
I was going to say...boy did you screw up by posting that picture but I see she beat me to it.
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