Monday, September 24, 2007


Two Texas Prison Inmates Kill Female Guard During Escape Today

They have all ready caught both of the bastards with the help of some good blood hounds. You can read about it here. They had disarmed the guard and ran over her intentionally in a stolen vehicle, she died from her injuries. Sorry sons of bitches, looks like they just killed her out of meanness. Looks like the guard was nearing retirement. One of the inmates was a convicted murderer, and the other was convicted of attempted capital murder. I wish they would take em out to the nearest tree, get a strong rope and Hang em High. They better move those two to a prison in another State or to a Federal Prison. They may not make it to trial if you know what I mean. Years ago, my wife and I lived in a house out in the country in East Texas within a few miles of four Maximum Security Men's Prison Units. My wife applied for a clerical job at one of the prisons. After several weeks, she got a call for an interview. Next thing we knew, she was on the way to Huntsville for training as a prison guard. We talked about the risk involved and she wanted to accept the job. The pay and benefits were really good. I gave her my blessings but told her at any time, to walk away from the job if she had any doubts about it. I was a little envious of all the cool things she got to do. She was trained in weapons, pistols, AR-15 rifles and riot shot guns, we used to joke that she was a "trained killer." She has worked up in the guard towers just waiting for prisoners to make an escape attempt, they never tried while she was on duty. She has driven around the perimeter of the prison at night, alone in a pick up, armed to the teeth waiting for an escape. She has guarded a wounded prisoner in the hospital only to learn later that the prisoner was classified as a high escape risk. She worked for the prison for six and a half years. She had worked her way up to the rank of Lieutenant and a good office job. One day they announced that her job no longer existed and they were going to put her back on the cell block (Federal Court Ordered Monitoring) had ended. We had a small child by that time and we both agreed it was time for her to leave the prison. I sure miss all of the perks that went along with being married to a prison guard. Shooting on the pistol, rifle and trap and skeet range, fishing on Catfish Creek, and riding around in the Trinity River Bottom in our Jeep on 20,000 acres of East Texas paradise. My wife is a little thing, she is barely over five feet tall. But you better not piss her off, remember she is a trained killer!

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