Saturday, September 29, 2007


After My Post The Other Day About Single Screen Movie Theatres ...

I went to the website for the Wichita Theatre. I used to go see movies there when I was a kid. It is 100 years old. When I checked out the website, I looked at the upcoming shows and saw that an ETA is going to do a show there in November. ETA stands for Elvis Tribute Artist. I never did get to see the real Elvis perform live, but my sister did back in the 70's at the Tarrant County Convention Center. Several years ago I worked with a guy named Roy that had been a drummer at one time for a famous swing band. He was doing an Elvis act on occasion and I regret I never did go see my friend perform. On a whim, I bought three tickets to see the Kraig Parker Elvis show. I am going to make my wife and daughter go with me. I want to go up to Wichita Falls early and show my daughter the houses I lived in and the elementary school I attended and the park I played in when I was a kid. It has probably been 25 years since I drove through the old neighborhood. I want to go eat at the world famous Scott Drive In. I did a Google search and it looks like it is still in business. I am looking forward to seeing the old Wichita Theatre. And the Elvis show should be a lot of fun.

Never saw Elvis in concert, but did see him in a kwoon years ago. He was stopped in Salt Lake and decided to visit my sifu, who was an old buddy of his. He was surrounded by some really big scary looking characters, and smelled so strong of booze you could smell it several feet away.
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