Friday, August 10, 2007


Went Fishing Today Inshore In The Bay ...

for red fish and trout with Steve Kraft. We had another great day on the water. We ended up catching ten speckled sea trout up to four pounds. We used live shrimp and croakers for bait. In addition to the trout we caught some sheep's head, some shovel sharks, my son caught a lady fish and a blue crab. My daughter caught a Spanish Mackerel and I caught a sting ray. That is the coolest thing about salt water fishing. You never know what you may catch. My wife fought something really big for a few minutes but it pulled off. Wish I knew what it was. I still have not caught a red fish. Maybe some day. I am tired. I stayed in the hotel to blog tonight. My wife and kids went to the Kemah board walk to meet one of her college roommates and her husband for dinner. After they eat they are going to ride the rides and see the sights. I can not walk very far and knew I would hold them back so I did not go. Think I will take a shower and turn in early tonight. We are driving home tomorrow. This has been a great vacation.

That is a nice mess of specks and they are fun to catch on light tackle. Shame that the red fish didn't come in. They usually will follow the specs in on a incoming tide and the stay around a while and sometimes I find them in the flats trapped in a hole after the tide moves out. But it is hot weather and sometimes in the heat they will stay in deeper water..I like to try to find some grass in about 10 feet of water this time of year.
My wife fried up a bunch of those trout last night after we got home. They sure were good. Then she started calculating how much we paid a pound for those fish! I told her we paid for the experience and the memories and that the fish were free.

That's really cool. I'd love to fish down there in the bay. I have a few cousins down there. maybe some day.
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