Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Blogging Away From Home Is Pretty Cool

It has been four years since we took a family vacation. We are taking one now in Galveston, TX. It was not easy getting everything together but we did it. I was able to get my bi pap machine and oxygen concentrator hooked up in the motel room. Had to go buy an extension cord last night but it is up and running. We got up early this morning and went on a guided fishing trip with Captain Mike Williams of Tarpon Express for a half day trip. We did not jump any Silver Kings but my son caught a 120 lb and a 130 lb black tip shark. My daughter caught one that weighed close to 100 lbs. What a day we had. We are going to spend the day tomorrow sightseeing, and will probably ride the Point Bolivar ferry and go down past San Luis pass. We are going on another guided fishing trip Friday morning for a half day trout and red fish trip. This will be inshore, today we went about 8 miles offshore. My son brought his laptop computer and for the first time, he figured out how to connect to the Wi-Fi wireless internet. Pretty Cool.

Black Tips are not bad eating especially smoked. Trout and Reds are great when they are fresh caught b ut I don't like 'em so much after they have been frozen

Black Tips can tear up some tackle...lot of fight in them
I like shark; like GuyK said, it is better if it hasn't been frozen. The texture reminds me a little more of meat than fish.
Glad to see you were able to get your equipment to go with you and get out on a vacation.
Those big sharks were something else. My son is in great shape and they wore him out. We caught a bunch of trout today and are taking a bunch of fillets home. This has been a great vacation, but I am exhausted and ready to go home and get some rest!

Oooh, now THAT is cool.
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