Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Anyone Remember Shakey's Pizza?

My sister called me from work today and said she and a couple of her co workers were driving themselves crazy trying to remember the name of the pizza parlor from the past where the workers wore straw hats, striped red & white vests and they had a piano and a banjo player? I thought for a few seconds and asked "Shakey's?" and she shouted "Shakey's" to their combined relief. I then reminded her we used to eat at the one behind Treasure City in Wichita Falls when we were little kids. She did not remember the one in WF but remembered one after we moved to Fort Worth. From what I remember the pizza was pretty good as was the entertainment. After we moved to Cowtown, my favorite place to eat pizza was the Pizza Hut on stilts on W. Berry St. near the TCU campus. Sadly, like Shakeys it is now just a memory.


Get this! Shakey's is BACK! Shakey's Pizza Parlor has a gorgeous new color palette, and an attractive new contemporary dinning room setting. Their menu even includes all new gourmet pizzas like the Margherite, BBQ Chken and Rustic Garlic Chiken. They serve micro-brewed Firestone beers and fresh tossed gourmet salads. Now using ony trans fat free oils, and only 100% mozarella cheese, I guarantee, SHakey's is even better than you remember.

Check out locations in your area by visiting their robust new online addresses:

I'm not just a fan, I'm their publicist too!

Thanks I will check it out!

Yep, I remember the Shaky's. The ones that I went to were a party looking for a place to happen. They didn't cater to families and kids as much as the young pizza eating beer drinking crowd and when the pizza was eaten they didn't try to get you to leave..they just kept asking you if you wanted another big jar of suds. The best I recall the pizza was pretty good too..
I remember Shakey's! But not for their pizza, just because it was such a fun place to go! Thanks for the memories!
I use to work at a Shakeys back ib 1971. It was either in Monterey Calif. or nearby. I remember them rolling out a barrel and singing when it was someones birthday. God bless you Dudley! Neat restaurant. I now live in Virginia no Shakeys around here.
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