Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Does Any One Remember S & H Green Stamps?

When I was a kid, we were always collecting green stamps. I remember they would give them to you when you would buy just about anything. At the gas station, grocery store or whatever. The stores that gave them out always had a sign prominently displayed with the S & H logo. There more you spent, the more stamps you got in return. We would take them home and put them in a special drawer. They had a redemption center in most large towns. You would lick the stamps, a time consuming chore and paste them in little books you would pick up at the redemption center. Once a year they would publish and send out a catalog of all the merchandise they offered. They offered a lot of household items up to really expensive items like television sets or motor scooters or cars but I never heard of anyone collecting enough stamps for anything so extravagant. The things I remember "buying" when I succeeded in cajoling enough of the precious books out of my mom was a Zebco 202 fishing reel, a fishing rod and a hunting sheath knife. Not at one time but over a period of several years. I really enjoyed the whole experience. S & H Green Stamps are gone now, it's a shame my kids missed out on the fun.

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I remember them very well; also we had Gold Strike stamps, which were actually more popular in this area than the Green Stamps.
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