Thursday, July 6, 2017


Rest In Peace Walter House Of The Kansas Aviation Museum ...

On December 1, 2015 Dudley and his wife went to Wichita Kansas for the dedication of the1934 Stearman 4D, Texaco 11 at the Kansas Aviation Museum. This was the Company Plane of Dudleys Great Uncle, Jefferson Davis "Duke" Jernigin Jr back in 1934.  Walt had seen my blog post about my famous Great Uncle here on Dudleys Diary and had sent me an email with a report on the restoration with some photos. We kept in touch and when it was time for the dedication, Walt invited Dudley and his wife to attend the Ceremony. We went to Wichita and had a great time. We toured the museum and enjoyed seeing the plane and meeting Walt and his wife and all of the dedicated people that worked countless hours restoring JD's Biplane! Walt was an Airforce Veteran and retired from the Boeing Aircraft Co. Fly high Walt and tell JD when I get there I am looking forward to some flying lessons!

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