Friday, September 16, 2016


Frank Had A Good Dove Hunt This Evening ...

He ended up bagging 9 dove. He removed the breasts back at camp and cleaned them and put them in a zip lock bag. They are cooling down in the ice chest. Hopefully he will get a bunch more tomorrow. He said as usual he is having trouble with them zigging and zagging out of his shot pattern! Dudley remembers having that same problem back in the day. Dudley loaned Frank his Great Grandfathers Remington Sportsman 16 gauge shotgun for this hunt. Dudley wishes he had a dollar for every bird that has fallen to that gun. Frank is the fourth generation to hunt with it. The gun has accounted for a lot of Squirrels, Rabbits, Dove, Quail and Pheasant and Ducks and Geese over its lifetime and Dudley took it down to Sonora years ago and bagged a Rio Grande Turkey Gobbler with it!

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