Monday, April 7, 2008


In The Years To Come, Water Is Going To Be A Precious ...

commodity. Especially in the large metropolitan areas. The Tarrant Regional Water District has been planning for the future needs of Tarrant County for decades by building big lakes in East Texas and connecting them with huge underground pipelines to transfer water over one hundred miles to the Rolling Hills Water Plant in south Fort Worth. They most recently built a pipeline from Benbrook Lake to Eagle Mountain Lake. The photos above are of the huge pump house and water storage tank which is nearing completion and will be online soon. The area around Fort Worth is growing by leaps and bounds and with the inreasing population, the water needs will only continue to increase. The pipeline is capable of transferring huge amounts of water in a short period of time. I watched them laying some of the pipe and they looked to be about eight feet in diameter. We had a bad drought in the area a few years ago and the area lakes got to historically low levels. We have since had rain and they have filled back up. A premium is currently being paid for a barrel of oil or a cubic foot of natural gas. If the demand for water ever grossly exceeds the supply can you imagine the repurcussions. It will not be pretty. People have been fighting for water rights for hundreds if not thousands of years. Like everyone else, I take it for granted when I turn on the faucet and water pours out.

As you know, Water has been a serious issue here in Georgia for the last two years, because we essentially ran out. Last year they were taking water from "the dead pool" in Lake Lanier, trying to filter out the heavy metals and other toxic substances (with marginal success) and then putting it in the water system for Atlanta. Water is going to be a bigger problem for a lot of people as the population continues to surge.
Hermit you are right. There will be more and more disputes over water between states and nations and between cities and individuals in the years to come. Without water a person can not survive for very long.

water..well, the lack of water, has been a problem in the west since the pioneers first hit the great American desert.

Many of the range wars of the past were over water rights and the dust bowl days of the 1930's were because of inefficient farming during time of drought..

The irony is that water never disappears from this just changes form or hides. In places in the west, especially Texas and Oklahoma there is adequate rainfall to support the population if the public would allow the water to be trapped in a reservoir..but even mention building more such reservoirs as Lake Texahoma and the enviro nuts scream like raped apes..
GuyK I bet the enviro nuts will sing a different tune when they run out of water.

naaa they will just blame it on Bush and those evil capitalists and demand that everyone cut back on water use..except for them of course
Ya you are probably right

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